March 31, 2014

A new video in 2014.. :D


Fingerplant Wheels 2014 Graphics!!!

January 13, 2014

Signature Green – Black Hive – Drips Party!! Ready or not, here they come!!!

At the moment, it’s limited stock.. So first come, first serve.. Hahaha.. Price? It’s IDR.200.000,- (for local buyer) and $30 USD (for international/outside Indonesia order)..

Contact us at 087882234704 (whatsapp / sms), email : info@fingerplant.com


Fingerplant Trucks – 32mm Awesomeness!!!

December 31, 2013

Hell yeah!!! Fingerplant’s new trucks are ready!!! Yes, it’s 32mm wide, with upgraded rubber bushing, washer and a tools.. Time to step up your game, dude!

And please welcome our rider, Noah Nyangoen, and his brand new Fingerplant trucks!

Price? It’s IDR.80.000,- (USD 7$), the price is exclude shipping cost.. Contact us for more details; 087882234704 (SMS/Call/Whatsapp), Fingerplant (line), info@fingerplant.com (email)


Another Look of Fingerplant Wheels

December 27, 2013

Kenjiro put together the Signature Green wheels with his Ytrucks X4.. Hell yeah!!!


The Temple Challenge Winner!!!

Sorry for the delayed announcement, Dee got busy with his holiday trip and forgot to pick the winners.. Hahaha.. :D

Okay, here are the winners :

1. Farhan
2. Dennis
3. Ricky

Spot 1 : Farhan
Spot 2 : Mugu
Spot 3 : Nanda
Spot 4 : Echa

Congrats for the winners!!! All the prizes will be send to your houses today!!! Woohooo!!!


Fingerplant Wheels is Ready!!

December 15, 2013

Fingerplant wheels are ready to pimp up your setup, shred your parks and the streets!!! 3 colors for now, the Signature Green, the Classic White and the Classic Black!!!

Fingerplant wheels are shaped by the pros, they are single bearing.. As usual, they are rolling smooth and fast.. Beast!!!

The price is IDR.200.000,- (it’s USD 17$), exclude shipping.

For more info, contact us at 087882234704 (sms/call/whatsapp/whatever) or email us at info@fingerplant.com


Stay Connected With Fingerplant

November 14, 2013

Fingerplant’s contact :

Call/sms : 087882234704
Whatsapp : 087882234704
Line id : Fingerplant
Facebook : Fingerplant
Twitter : @Fingerplant
Instagram : fingerplantofficial
Email : info@fingerplant.com

Stay connected with us to get the latest update from us..
Fingerplant Indonesia


Fingerplant Now Available at Ystore!!!

November 12, 2013

After Malaysia, now Fingerplant decks are available at the one and only Ystore (Portugal)!!! Big thanks for Philippe for all of this.. Respect!

So if you live near Ystore, go grab them fast!


The Temple Challenge!!!

November 8, 2013

Let’s get some tricks on the Fingerplant’s granite park, “the temple”!!! It’s a competition, so you better prepare your tricks.. The format of the competition is like the street league, we will divide the park into 4 different sections, 1 minute for every section, you will be get scored for every section, the winner is the one who get the highest score in total.. There will be 3 winners (3 highest score) + 4 best trick winners for every section..

Where : Fingerplant Office, Perum.Satwika Permai blok C3 no.11, Jatiasih – Bekasi
When : November 25th – December 1st 2013 (10am – 5pm), it’s a full week event, you don’t need to come everyday, you choose your own schedule, you can come on Monday or Tuesday or Friday, as long as it’s on November 25th until December 1st 2013.. We will be in the office all day..

It’s FREE!!! No registration money needed, all you have to do is come to our office, land some tricks on the temple, get scores and win some prizes from sponsors!!! You will get decks from Yellowood (Portugal), stuffs from FBS (Germany), products from Fingerpop (Indonesia) and also from the lovely PlanktOon (Indonesia).. Thank you for all the sponsors, let’s give them some love and appreciate their true support for the scene.. :)

The judges will be Dee (founder and owner of Fingerplant, fingerboarding since 2001, TKoF 2012 national championship judge), Bews (Fingerplant’s designer, skateboarder, fingerboarding since 2009, Fighting Fingers 2012 judge) and Kenjiro (Fingerplant’s pro rider, fingerboarding since 2008, BATH #3 Berlin top 16)..

Every rider that participate will be recorded on video camera, and the footage will be uploaded to Youtube after the event, so everyone can see the tricks.. No cheating!!!

If you need more info, you can call/sms 087882234704 or email us at info@fingerplant.com, if you get lost on your way to the temple, check the google maps, or turn on your GPS.. hahaha..

*Psstttt.. Bring some extra cash, our office is also our “store”, you can buy some Yellowood decks, Berlinwoods, Riptape, and other products available.. ;)


November Sale #1

November 7, 2013

Due to celebrating Fingerplant’s 4th birthday next month (December), we will give so many crazy discounts.. For the starter, starting today we will give you special price for all YELLOWOOD decks!!! So it’s the perfect time for you to grab this awesome deck, straight from Portugal with love… Y for Life!!!

* Call or send SMS to 087882234704, Dee will give you some crazy price for the Yellowood decks!! trust us, the price is… just crazy… :D