Fingerplant XO-Deck

February 22, 2013

So a graphic deck is not for you? Okay how about a blank deck? Not just regular blank decks, but exotic woods decks.. Here we give you Fingerplant new decks, the XO-Deck..

First is the Zebrano.. The bottom ply is Zebrano, and the rest are natural and colored maples..

Next is the Redwood.. Same ingredients for the plies, but with Redwood as the bottom ply.. Redwood veneer is one the most expensive veneer in Indonesia market now.. :)

The shape is the same as Fingerplant 2013 deck, They are 32mm x 100mm with low concave and medium kicks.. So how about the price? It will only cost you IDR.100.000,- (around USD.11$), include stickers and 1 sheet of foam tape.. But remember the price is for only Indonesia buyer, so if you live outside Indonesia, there will be a price change.. :)

Contact us : / 08567114707 / 213184CA


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