Fingerplant X Endonesie Boardriders 2013 Collaboration Deck

February 22, 2013

3 Years, 3 Collaboration decks!! So you don’t familiar with Endonesie Boardriders? They are a skate shop in Cirebon, they also sell fingerboard stuff and always pushing forward the fingerboard scene in Indonesia.. Endonesie is one of our best partner in crime, every year we always make a collaboration deck, the last one is the Ride and Pride deck, now for 2013, please welcome the Molotov!!!

Why molotov? It’s the symbol for the grassroots resistance, we will always fight for our pride.. :)

This deck is 32mm x 100mm, low concave and medium kicks, 5 plies of Maples, with the Fingerplant x Endonesie stamp on top..

The decks are available exclusively at Fingerplant and Endonesie store.. it’s limited, only 20 decks produced.. The price is IDR.150.000,- (around USD.16$), include stickers and 1 sheet of foam tape.. :)

Contact us : / 08567114707 / 213184CA


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